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  1. @NellKate I do think the RWG is suffering a pandemic slump this year. I already know how I’m going to do it differently in 2021: crowd source a big list from the Micro.blog community and then use a randomizer to spit a word from that list daily.

  2. @macgenie I hope my post didn’t come out sounding like criticism of the RWG! I was having a down afternoon and genuinely enjoyed thinking about the positive possibilities of the word possible but didn’t have the energy to be creative. (Sorry for the alliteration – hard habit to resist). It is tricky to convey nuances when I am writing, especially if I am writing hastily – sorry. This is my first Microblogvember and I have been really enjoying it, both the writing (even if I cringe a bit afterwards) and especially reading what others have written! I like your idea of a crowdsourced word list for next year. I’d love to see what people come up with (and would be happy to join in, too). Thanks, much!

  3. @NellKate No worries! I just wanted you to know I also have noticed the random words being a bit of a downer more frequently than last year. Possible was nice, and I got to write about pie 🥧.

    I like alliterations too.

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