In 1977, age eleven, I was taken to see the first Star Wars movie to come out in theaters (now called Episode 4). Fell passionately in love with that world and spent many happy years with my sibs and friends creating new stories, planets, costumes and so much more…so…May the Force Be With You.

So many things positive things bind us personally (family, place, stories), but also as part of a greater network across time, places and common human experiences. The theme of woven threads and webs recurs in many mythologies. In a world of complex but not obvious systems that is comforting. So often, we don’t see the invisible threads until something breaks (ecosystems, supply chains) then we are delightfully surprised by mirror neurons and quantum entanglement. For me there is something joyful in the awareness that we are threaded together in a shining web, and hopeful, too, that the invisible threads will be a bit more visible from now on.

I couldn’t keep it to 280 characters!